NOTOP 06 – 19-10-14 Commercial operation of UAVS indoor

ACUO wish to advise the following information has been received from CASA in relation to the commercial operation of UAVs indoors.

[e.g. Conference Centres, Exhibition Halls etc]

CASR Part101.005 (3) states: Subparts 101.C to 101.I do not apply to the operation of: [in part]

(b) a model aircraft indoors;

(c) an unmanned balloon indoors

However, the regulation is silent on the use of a UAV indoors.

CASA suggest that as the CASR101 regulations also state that;

  • CASR101.055 (1) – “A person must not operate an unmanned aircraft in a way that creates a hazard to another aircraft, person or property”, and;
  • CASR101.245 (1) – in part: “…..A person must not operate a UAV within 30m of a person who is not directly associated with the operation of the UAV”
  • [And giving due consideration for CASR101.280 (1) (2) & (3) – UAVs not to be operated over populous areas]

CASA would require the UAV Operator and the controller(s) to have CASA certification, and the event would most likely require some form of CASA approval or exemption.

If you require further information about the operation of UAVs indoors please contact the CASA UAS office direct: [email protected]