NOTOP 03 – 11-07-14 Dangerous Goods

ACUO is advised there have been a spate of incidences lately of airline passengers either exceeding the limit for Lithium batteries on aircraft, or not declaring Lithium batteries in airline luggage.

ACUO wish to remind UAV Operators of the aviation regulations relating to Dangerous Goods, which includes Lithium batteries. There are limits to the type, size & number of batteries you can carry on an aircraft, or transport on an aircraft in Australia.

If you are carrying Lithium batteries on aircraft, make sure you protect your batteries appropriately for airline carriage and that you don’t inadvertently exceed the limits for lithium battery carriage on aircraft.

The CASA website has some good information & links on dangerous goods in aviation.

The CASA website also has a page on how to calculate maximum battery allowance.

If there are any doubts about the safety or legality of carrying or transporting Lithium batteries via air, please contact your airline for more advice, or send your batteries ahead by surface freight instead.