NOTOP 01 – 16-06-14 NPRM 1309OS

ACUO response to the CASA NPRM1309OS was lodged today with CASA. This took a huge amount of effort by the Management Committee members to read & understand the changes being proposed by CASA before we could start formulating responses.

The NPRM covered not just the 4 Key Proposals made by CASA but also more than 50 individual changes throughout the CASR101 regulations as well as 3 new Advisory Circulars, all to be checked to determine what (if any) impact those changes might have on Operators and industry.

ACUO believes a key proposal in the NPRM (Proposal No 4) may have significant safety and risk implications for all aviation interests in Australia. ACUO submission provides an alternative solution and makes 2 key recommendations to improve the safety & integrity of the RPAS industry in Australia.

For the record:

There was no opposition to the recommendations made by this association from any of the 28 members of ACUO, nor was any opposition lodged with ACUO from anyone outside the association.

In addition to the ACUO membership, there were 25 non-ACUO certified UAV operators and 5 individual UAV Controllers who fully supported ACUO initiatives & recommendations via petition.

As of June 16th, ACUO has the backing of 53 certified UAV operators in Australia, just short of 50% of the 109 UOC holders to date.

ACUO wish to thank all the UAV Operators & Controllers, members or not, who supported our submission via petition. Your support shows that ACUO policies are relevant not just to our members but the wider commercial industry-base as well, giving us the confidence that we are representing the commercial sector of unmanned aviation adequately and appropriately.

Whilst we wait now to see what comes back from CASA in a Notice of Final Rule Making (NFRM) later this year, ACUO continues to represent certified UAV Operators though the CASA Standards Consultative Committee.