Becoming a member

Membership to the Association is open to:

  • Ordinary members
    • CASA Certified UAV Operators
  • Associate Members
    • CASA Certified UAV Controllers, Licenced Remote Pilots or UAV Maintenance Controllers
  • Industry Members
    • Businesses or companies directly involved in the UAS industry but not necessarily certified by CASA or a national aviation authority [e.g.]Manufacturers of UA systems, components or related equipment
    • Organizations & businesses associated with commercial UAS operations; ie Government & Corporate entities
      Insurance companies, Brokers etc
    • Industry membership is at ACUO discretion

Specific objects of the association are:

  • A united representative voice for the commercial sector of unmanned aviation in Australia
  • Direct industry representation and input into how your industry is being shaped
  • Increased work and employment opportunities via the national membership network
  • Protecting your industry, investment and livelihood from unnecessary regulatory burden and uncertified UAV operators
  • Promoting public awareness of the capabilities and benefits of commercial UAV services to Australian Business & Industry
  • Promoting wider public awareness of our industry and what we do, in a manner that is positive for industry, for ACUO and for its members

Membership online payments

ACUO now offers the convenience of credit card payments for its members. We accept Mastercard, VISA, American Express and Diners Club. Please note, credit card payments attract a 2.6% surcharge, which is passed on by ACUO to the member.